Premiere performance of Chrysalis by L. Harris, for harp, tape and live electronics

Jan Gorjanc, born in 1993 in Ljubljana, is currently in his 4th  year studying harp with Rachel Masters  and composition with Haris Kittos at Royal College of Music, London. He regularly performs in London and Slovenia as a soloist, with orchestras and chamber groups. Some of most memorable performances were in venues such as The Buckingham Palace, Cadogan Hall, St. James' Church, Cankar Hall (Ljubljana). As composer he already had premieres  of 2 operas, performances at Cadogan Hall, Slovenian National Opera, St. James's Church and collaborated with British Master Parfumer Roja Dove.

Jan started his musical education in year 2004 with Bronislava Prinčič and has won several prizes at international harp competitions in Slovenia and Italy including 1st prize at the Salvi competition in 2014 and concerto competition in 2010 and 2015, resulting in concerto performances with RTV Slovenia Orchestra under the baton of G. Pehlivanian. Having played in many orchestras and chamber groups he actively participates at various events for harpists and composers at RCM and around London. He also regularly attends masterclasses with harpists, composers and conductors (Emmanuel Ceysson, Catrine Michel, Sylvain Blassel, Fabrice Pierre, Gabriella Degli Esposti, S. Boldachev, Steve Reich, W. Hermanto,  J. Bouskova...). 

Jan Gorjanc entered semifinals of Ravel competition and came as firs among Slovenian entrants. He was also marked as 'Greatly appreciated composer' by Riccardo Turcotti, conductor of  Association Ravel. His  compositions are always challenging, highly dramatic, full of contrasts and very chromatic. Every aspect and detail is taken care of in the score and his pieces always push the limits of performers’ and instruments’ abilities. He had his  London debut as a composer in April 2014, with a premier of his chamber opera at Cadogan Hall. Another memorable premiere of his piece, Étude Pédalogique, took place in Slovenian National Opera in October 2014. He collaborated with Roja Dove in creating a piece for one of his perfumes and in September 2015 he is writing and performing pieces for Kimono Fashion Show in London. Both Junior Department and College students also perform his pieces at the Royal College of Music.